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This summer :sol_con_cara: invite and win 400€!

For each friend who enrolls in one of our programs thanks to you, we will reward you with an amazing €400 Amazon bonus!

Promotion valid only for referrals in Spanish national programs (in-person or online) for all new contacts generated from May 23, 2024, to July 31, 2024.

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Master all the essential concepts of the digital sector.

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We record all our events in streaming, so that training addicts like you can watch them at your own pace.

Free courses

Introductory courses & masterclasses on the most trending topics.

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Connect with colleagues from all editions.

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Employment portal

Take advantage of our career guidance resources and discover the job offers of our partners.

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NEO Project

Get in on the action and take part in Nuclio Weekend, an event by and for entrepreneurs.

Get ready for the challenge

Win an amazing
€400 Amazon bonus!

It's always a good time to recommend us,
but this summer, the rewards are doubled!
You just need to fill in your friend's details in the following form,
and if they enroll in a master's program at Nuclio,
voilà, mission accomplished! Additionally, your friend will
receive a special scholarship courtesy of you. :gafas_de_sol:

Promotion valid only for referrals in Spanish
national programs (in-person or online) for all new
contacts generated from May 23, 2024, to July 31, 2024.
You can check all the Terms and Conditions here.

Inspire others to step up

Tell us about your time at Nuclio, recording a testimonial at the end of the master's.

Oriel Villalba

"Nuclio came to me out of the blue, I could apply each class in my work."

Irene Fioretti

"Nuclio School has given me the confidence to take the step to become self-employed."
team #3

Laia Flores

"I was able to apply knowledge that was very new to me to a project that really interested me."
Team #4

Candela Alfageme

"Now it's not just the user experience, I love the technology itself."